Casino Slots

Take a good look at which game you like and which suits you

The fruit-starred games are known for being easy to play. It is often not too complicated to do and as a gamer you can quickly get started without having to delve into all kinds of rules or techniques. Have you just started an online game? Then it is certainly advisable to opt for a game on the slot machine. Are you not sure which game to choose or do you not really have a favorite yet? Then you can try the three mentioned first and decide for yourself which one you like best to do. You also immediately know why these are just so popular among gamers! Don’t you like this one that much? Then there are plenty of other games to choose from.

Enormous offer so that there is something for everyone

We also immediately come to the third reason why players often choose these types of games. The range is so large that there is a game for everyone that suits him or her and that you like as a gamer. If you choose to play a game at an online casino, you can do this in peace and privacy, at home or even on the go. The developers of games often emphasize the gambling games so that the range is large and you can play them on all possible devices.

Mega Joker

We have taken three slots from the wide range to explain them in more detail. The first is Mega Joker . This game, developed NetEnt, is played in five rows, but that’s not all. You can also choose to play in second place (at the same time) and you can win a progressive jackpot (which keeps increasing). The stakes are low and the symbols that come into play are the well-known ones such as watermelon, grape, lemon, orange and cherry.

Mocha Orange

The second game is known as Mocha Orange. This game consists of three reels and has one row in the middle that pays out. The game was developed Microgaming and it only contains a few special features. However, it is one of the games where the stakes are so low that everyone can take the gamble once. You don’t need any special technique or skills and the orange is the only piece of fruit participating in the game.

Fruit Case

Game number three is Fruit Case. This game was released by NetEnt in 2013 . It revolves around five times three wheels and there are twenty rows to get paid. The game also uses special symbols, multipliers and extra rounds. The game is suitable for experienced but also novice players. The fruit symbols used are the strawberry, orange, lemon and something that resembles a pear.